About Us


No one knows everything, but everyone knows something. With StudyHawks, students combine their strengths and talents to tackle problems together.



Always question. Always wonder. Always explore. There are no limits to what we can discover and learn. We believe in embracing our curiosity and seeing where it can take us.

·      LEND A HAND

We’re all in this together. And there will come a time when each and every one of us will need a little support. So when you see someone who needs an extra hand, don’t think twice. Step in and help them out.


Reach further. Go longer. Work harder. There’s no knowing what we can accomplish when we commit to always trying to do better, and be better, in everything that we do.

Ask thousands of students for a helping hand

If you’ve got a question about an assignment or class discussion, or if you're just curious about a new subject, the StudyHawks community is ready to lend a hand. Simply post your question and within minutes receive a clear, moderated response from a fellow student. StudyHawks also stores millions of questions in an easy-to-search knowledge base.

Showcase your knowledge

Everybody has strengths, and with StudyHawks you can offer yours to the world. If you’ve got your stuff down cold, you can guide other students out of a jam by sharing what you know best.

Be a leader, and be a friend

With StudyHawks, students learn more, lead more, and make friends. Students bring their skills to the table to answer questions, earn points, and rise through the ranks—from Beginner to Genius. Our best and brightest earn prized spots as community moderators, who keep a close eye on the accuracy, clarity, and kindness of every question and every answer.


Behind the world's largest learning community is an expert team on a mission. Have a look at who we are and what we stand for.


With StudyHawks, high-school and middle-school students from around the world come together to share knowledge and solve problems. Have a listen as Michal Borkowski, StudyHawks’s CEO and co-founder, discusses the values and methods that guide StudyHawks’s global social learning community.