1. When writing a speaking outline, you should adhere to all of the following guidelines EXCEPT for: o Formatting is informal compared to other outlines for speech o Includes elements like the general purpose and specific purpose o Usually written on an index or notecard o Should be created before practicing the speech 2. What would you add to your speaking outline to give credit to your sources of information? o Citations 3.Which of the following includes the main construction of the content of your speech? o Speaking outline o Main points o Preparation outline o Indexed note cards 4. A strong introduction will help you _____. o prepare the audience for the speech content. o review the big picture of the speech. o review the main points of the speech. o establish research and supporting materials. 5. Juan previewed the main topics of his speech in the introduction and reviewed those same topics in his conclusion. Why was Juan repetitive in this way? o People will remember the content of the speech better if the information is repeated. o Juan didn't have enough material to fill the time requirements so he repeated himself. o Juan was unsure of himself so he repeated himself to build his credibility. o People had a good first impression of Juan so he kept going back to the beginning to remind them of it. 6.An introduction is important because: o It will help you review the main points. o It will help you add supporting materials. o It will help you remind the audience of the big picture. o It will help you establish credibility. 7. Which component of the introduction is a statement that informs the audience what the speech is about? o Attention getter o Topic reveal o Credibility position o Thesis Statement 8. What is the most important thing that a conclusion should accomplish in a speech? o Drive home the big picture with your audience o Review the supporting materials with your audience o Prepare the content to engage your audience o Offer new arguments to reinforce your position 9. Transition sentences in a speech help _____. o construct the outline o sort out the research o develop the thesis statement o piece together ideas 10. Using _____ words will help you construct your transitional sentences and show connections between your ideas. o formal o transitional o concrete o abstract 11. Which of the following terms refers to the opening statement that the speaker uses to grab the audience's interest? o Topic reveal o Attention getter o Credibility position o Thesis Statement

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