Amendments to the Constitution: Expanding Your Rights Complete your assignment in this document. When you are done you must copy your completed assignment into the textbox in Edgenuity to submit it. There was a great deal of debate among the founding fathers when it came to passing the first 10 amendments that came with the Constitution. After much editing and compromise, they settled on the Bill of Rights. However, far more rights/freedoms were discussed than were actually passed and thousands of new ones have been proposed in the years since. Some of these proposed amendments have been in response to needs that only appeared with time. Some are rights that were proposed at the Constitutional Convention, but not all of the delegates were convinced it was a good idea or even necessary. Your goal for this assignment is to propose a new amendment. Remember that the purpose of a Constitutional Amendment is to guarantee a right or freedom for the people by limiting the government’s power in a specific area. Of course, these are limitations on the government, not complete bans. For example, the 1st Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of speech, but the government can still limit your speech if it is dangerous. For this assignment, you will write a 3 paragraph mini-essay. In your mini-essay you must propose a new amendment, including the exact wording it should have. You must explain exactly what this amendment will do and justify why the amendment is necessary. Finally, you must explain potential negative consequences from passing this amendment and address these points. Nuts & Bolts This is a persuasive piece. You will be using facts, examples, and your writing style to convince your audience of your point. Your proposed amendment can either be one that should have been in the Bill of Rights from the start or that should be added now due to changes in the last 240+ years. Your mini-essay should be 3 paragraphs in length and each paragraph should be 5-11 sentences in length. You should include at least 4 facts, figures, statistics or examples. Do not use all of one category. When you are done, you must copy your completed assignment into the textbox in Edgenuity to submit it.

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