Based on the biographical information about Hannah Senesh, what inference could be made about the "gamble" referred to in the last line of the poem? Include information from the biographical excerpt to support your inference. I gambled on what mattered most, the dice were cast. I lost. Hannah Senesh joined the British Army in 1943, and would volunteered to enter Hungary in an effort to provide aid to the Jewish communities that were under attack. The Hungarian police almost immediately captured her, and she underwent cruel torture as they attempted to obtain information from her about her mission. However, Senesh refused to tell them anything, and refused to request clemency. Even threats against her mother did not compel her to cooperate with the Hungarian police. She remained courageous and committed to her cause, and when she was executed for treason by firing squad at the age of twenty-three, she refused the blindfold and instead stared down her executors.

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