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Bethany is part of a committee working to apply to become a federally certified community health center. Her job is to secure a 330 grant for the clinic. In order to do this, Bethany must make sure the center meets which of the following requirements? Select one: A. The center must provide a list of healthcare personnel and administrative assistants who are willing to provide healthcare services for reduced compensation. B. The center must be located in in a federally designated, medically underserved area (MUA), and the center must provide primary healthcare services plus other services to help her neighbors access the clinic, such as transportation, case management, and translation services. C. The center must secure nonprofit, public, or tax-exempt status, and the center must serve everyone in the service area regardless of ability to pay. D. The center must meet all of these requirements, with the exception of listing healthcare and other personnel, and must also have a governing board, the majority of whose members are patients of the health center.

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