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1. Which of the following sources is the LEAST reliable? (1 point) a government Web site a scholar's dissertation an online forum's posting

An online forum's posting is the least reliable because there could be false information and there would be no one to confirm the answer legitimately. A government web site is most secure and trusting, but don't trust it too much, think about the information that is given to you. A scholar's dissertation is in the middle because it is basically researcher's notes, true facts, sometimes, they can be false, but most of the time, they're true.

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Style Question: Use of “we” vs. “I” vs. passive voice in a dissertation

A dissertation is a written thesis, often based on original research, usually required for a higher degree.

In writing a dissertation, it is preferable to use the passive voice instead of "we" or "I". It is more formal and it presents the facts or results of research clearly. The use of the passive voice will help the readers form their own opinion about the dissertation based on how they perceived it while reading it not on how they read your subjective views.