Hey my dog is a mutt he’s ab 7/8 years old. He’s had this serious issue for ab 2 years, he has barely no hair and he will simply NOT stop chewing on himself, he even bites himself so him he bleeds, and makes it worse. He has a large cyst or growth on his back (I personally think he has skin cancer and should be put down) but my mother said we will have to go the vet and she will determine if he needs to be put down. Let me know if you think he does, this isn’t my dog my stup id brother dropped him off on me and he has barely any teeth but he rips his own skin cause he chews so much, he also has barely any hair anywhere cause he chews. Tell me what you think, don’t tell me I need to go to a vet because I already know that, I want your personal opinion if I should put him down cause I’m not paying money

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