In the excerpt from Jack London's "The Human Drift", the thesis statement is expressed in these sentences: Man early discovered death. As soon as his evolution permitted, he made himself better devices for killing than the old natural ones of fang and claw. Which of these supporting premises reinforces the thesis statement? Like a settler clearing weeds and forest bushes in order to plant corn, so man was compelled to clear all manner of life away in order to plant himself. He devoted himself to the invention of killing devices before he discovered fire or manufactured for himself religion. And ever he has carried the battle wider and wider, until to-day not only is he a far more capable killer of men and animals than ever before, but he has pressed the battle home to the infinite and invisible hosts of menacing lives in the world of microorganisms. And from the fear-stricken, jungle-lurking, cave-haunting creature of long ago, he won to empery over the whole animal world. A. 1 B. 1 and 2 C. 4 D. 1, 2, and 3

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