John Muir was an American naturalist born in Scotland on April 21, 1838. As one of the first advocates of the United States' wilderness preservation, Muir spent his career writing letters, essays and books about many of his experiences in the Sierra Nevada mountains, located in northern California. Muir's influence on the history of American wilderness continues to live on past his death (in the early twentieth century) as people of all ages visit and hike through the 355,665.024 meters of the John Muir Trail, named in Muir's honor. The trail begins in Yosemite National Park and concludes at Mount Whitney, which contains the highest peak of the continental United States. The longest straight line distance across the United States of 4,509.382 kilometers begins in Ocean Creek, Oregon and ends in Jupiter, Florida. Use scientific notation to calculate how many times greater the straight line distance across the United States is than the length of the John Muir Trail.

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