Lexie didn’t know what to do. The movie adaptation of her favorite book was opening on Friday, and Lexie and her friends Tina and Jess were planning on being at the 7:00 p.m. show. For weeks, they had talked about the night –what they’d wear, how they’d get there, even where they’d sit in the theater. Lexie couldn’t wait! Until she arrived home from school on Friday afternoon, that is. Her mom greeted her at the door. “Guess what?” she said. “Your little brother made the finals of the spelling bee! The championship is tonight.” Tonight? Lexie knew how hard Sammy had worked to make the finals, and she was proud of him—but celebrating his big moment would mean missing a night she’d looked forward to for weeks! “Skip it,” Tina advised when Lexie called her later. “They’ll probably put a video of it online—you can watch it then.” That was true, but it still wasn’t the same as being there to cheer on her brother in person. Write a conclusion to the story. Remember to resolve the conflict in a satisfying way and to use details and transitions in your paragraph.

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