Read the following excerpt from "Ellis Island” by Barbara Davis-Pyle. As we waited for our turn, Cella and I gaped at all the bright colors from faraway lands. Oh, the crowd made such a noise! So many people were speaking all at once in words we could not understand. Cella and I tried to guess all of the languages that swirled about. She whispered that she could hear Greek and English, and I said that I heard Russian and French. Together we grinned and exclaimed softy, "Italian!” whenever we caught a word in our own native tongue. Cella giggled into her hands when I covered my ears and told her that all of the babies spoke exactly the same – oh, such crying! To be fair, I told her that everyone’s laughter was probably the same as well, but this was not really a time for cheer. It only took a single "No” from the officials and a person was sent back to the ship and a two-week journey home. Sometimes families were split up because the officials said some could stay, while others had to go. The description of the setting emphasizes the narrator’s feelings because

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