Which line in "The Listeners" is an example of alliteration? A. "Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup," B. "When the plunging hooves were gone." C. "Though every word he spake" D. "And how the silence surged softly backward," What is the rhyme scheme of this stanza? We walked up to the door And quickly rang the bell. Who knew what was in store? Only time would tell. A. ABAC B. ABAB C. ABCB D. AABB In "Casey at the Bat," why does a "sickly silence" fall on the Mudville fans in the first stanza? A. Casey is coming to bat. B. Their team is very close to losing the game. C. Their team is not even trying to win the game. D. Casey does not swing at the first two pitches. In "Casey at the Bat," where are the two Mudville batters—Flynn and Blake—when Casey comes up to bat? A. Blake is on first base; Flynn is on the bench. B. Flynn is on first base, Blake is on the bench. C. They are both on the bench. D. Blake is on second base; Flynn is on third base. In "The Cremation of Sam McGee," what does Sam McGee hate? A. looking for gold B. the cold weather C. the idea of being cremated D. his home in Tennessee Which best describes the mood of "Casabianca"? A. sad and respectful B. whimsical and easygoing C. peaceful and relaxed D. funny and lighthearted Which character in "The Highwayman" is jealous of the highwayman? A. one of King George's men B. Bess C. the landlord D. Tim the ostler In "The Highwayman," what does the highwayman do when he first hears the gunshot? A. He stops on the road and stays still the whole night. B. He rides westward and escapes. C. He rides immediately to the inn. D. He returns what he has stolen. Which character in a poem from this unit visits a dark, empty house to keep a promise he made and then rides off on his horse when no one is there to meet him? A. the Abbot of Aberbrothok B. Casey C. the highwayman D. the Traveler Which character is so jealous that it leads him to tell the authorities about the criminal plans of another character? A. Tim the ostler B. the Abbot of Aberbrothok C. the highwayman D. Sir Ralph the Rover

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